Dump trucks

We produce dump trucks with rear discharge, dump trucks with tripartite unloading and half pipe models. On customer request we can combine Dump truck with crane.
Mounted on truck from 3 to 18 tons. 

Dump trucks with brand "Heger" come with 2 years warranty. Standard equipment includes everything needed for normal operation of the vehicle. On a client request, we can add additional equipment, which make the work easy and safe.

Tippers for transport of bulk materials and flowable materials.




Standard equipment



Hydraulic system- a stable system for smooth and safe lifting body.

Standard sub frame- galvanized

Metal covers- we offer metal covers having a size from 40 to 80 cm.

Steel cage.

Protective frontal board.

Locks for upper and lower lids for greater security of cargo and easier unloading.

Fenders and mud flaps - for easier maintenance of the hopper.

Protection for biker- we install protectors that do not allow a biker to fall under the wheels.

Parking lights and reflective signs.




Additional equipment - on request



A protective visor.

Tripartite unloading

Installation of a crane with a hydraulic clamp and bucket loads.

Air suspension - for smooth, quiet and secure transportation of freight and longer life of the vehicle.

Dump aluminum cover.

Sealing of the back door - for safe transport of flowable materials.

Chest for tools - customer chooses what material (plastic, aluminum, stainless steel) and what size is the chest.

Water tank - may have a capacity of 15 to 40 l. 


If you need quality, robust, easy to use dump truck with a good warranty and excellent service, contact us .