Refrigerated vans and trucks

Refrigerated vans are used for distribution of chilled and frozen food products and medical purposes (transporting plasma, vaccines, medicines and any products requiring storage at low temperature). Therefore, the requirements for hygiene and safety are extremely high. And refrigerated isolation with our brand- "Heger" - cover them entirely.


All models manufactured vans , minivans and pickups have standard equipment and option for additional facilities and securing of cargo and driver. They have a 2 years warranty. We provide you warranty and service on a high professional level and top-notch repair of all refrigeration equipment.

Your refrigerated vans " Heger " will always work properly.



Standard equipment on vans


Hot galvanized sub frame.

Thermally insulated floor made ​​of steel sections - the surface is self-leveling, with high wear resistance. Depending on customer requirements can be resistant or smooth.


Protective aluminum plinth.

Insulated panels with anti-bacterial coating - cold hold temperature inside the van and meet hygiene requirements.

Rear door with cash hardware and accessories in stainless steel, opening in 270 degrees. 

Interior lighting - for greater convenience when loading and unloading.

Dimensions and reflective signs.




Additional equipment


Spoiler cabin - for better aerodynamics and lower fuel consumption.

Tail lift.

Lateral door - for quick and easy access to the cargo.

Sub frame- we always recommend to be hot galvanized - resist corrosion longer.


Ceiling and side rails with hooks - to strengthen the cargo. Especially practical are if the wagon will carry carcass and meat products.

Aluminium shelves -you can arrange the products more convenient , and to load more goods and the wagon can be maintained extremely easy.


Thermo-insulating silicon curtains.


Тwo or three temperature camera - option to get 2 or 3 rooms with different temperatures is especially useful if you carry frozen and chilled products at once.

Ability to put on different floors: aluminum, polyester floor, slip resistant floor.

Setting drains on the floor - an option that allows you to quickly and easily maintain excellent hygiene in the wagon.

Rear view camera.

Thermo logger- to record the temperature at preset intervals.




Standard equipment on buses and pickup trucks


Sanitary coating on the panels.

Side panels and floor into a thickness of 40 to 100 mm.

Ceiling thickness 40 mm to 100 mm.

Thermally insulated floor- the surface is self-leveling.

Cap of aluminum. 

Insulated doors and rear side door.



Additional equipment on vans and pickup trucks - by customer



Additional side door installation with subzero temperatures.

Optional rear doors.

Two-temperature movable partition wall.

Thermo-insulating silicon curtains.

Possibility of aluminum or anti-slip floor.

Drains on the floor - for easy maintenance of excellent hygiene.

Rear view camera.

Thermo logger- to record the temperature at preset intervals.



We Install refrigeration equipment of pickups, vans, trucks and trailers and repair it quickly and efficiently when needed.

Contact us, the team of "Heger", for consultation or to order a refrigerated van or wagon.