Side curtains

We produce curtain side truck superstructures. The curtains can be bilateral and trilateral with frontal board of galvanized steel.


Curtains for trucks are used most often by distribution companies - in distribution of drinks and from companies for international shipping.

All curtains " Heger " have a warranty of 2 years. The truck you get with approval - confirmation that it meet all requirements and can travel freely in the international road network.



Standard equipment


Steel subframe.
Floor from waterproof plywood - resistant to abrasion and slip-resistant structure.


Aluminum covers - their maximum height is up to 60 cm.

Metal construction - it can be galvanized or powder coated.


Uprights - made of wood, impregnated with chamfer.


Tarpaulin - you can choose the color according to RAL scale.


Ceiling - produced  from thin metal pipes.


Folding ladder - facilitates the process of loading and unloading and provide greater convenience and safety of the workers.

Protection for biker- on both sides of the truck / trailer we install protectors that do not allow a biker to fall under the wheels.

Fenders with mudflaps - for easy maintenance of good appearance of the truck / trailer.

Parking lights and light reflection signs.

Rear buffers - for a rear unloading of the truck / trailer ,when it must be as close as possible to the ramp. In these cases, the rear buffers protect your vehicle from hit and injury.



Additional equipment - on request


Tail lift at the rear - under the chassis.

Aluminium cover with canvas tent and doors.

Aluminium uprights and ceiling pipes.

Subframe - galvanized to resist corrosion for a longer time

Rings for securing cargo

Promotional stickers and screen printing on tarpaulin.

Box for tools - convenient and practical addition, we offer it from material on request: plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel. May be of variable volume and the separated zones, for easier stacking of the instruments. There is no special locking.

Tank for water – we offer it from plastic, its capacity may be from 15 to 40 liters. Мounted optional.

Tail lift with a width and a height of 1.20 to 2.60 meters and a weight capacity of 500 to 9000 kg.




We install side curtains on trucks and trailers. We provide warranty and service.

Contact our team for more information or to order .